We work with our clients to bring the most effective and cutting edge tools and technologies to their events.  By focusing, not just on the coolest trends in technology, but on providing our clients with the right  technologies to accomplish their goals, we meet and exceed expectations with each and every experience we are privileged to be a part of.  Here are just a few of the tools we use to make that happen.

There are few things worse than being halfway through an event or a show and having your phone die. Providing a mobile and wire free charging solution is more than a luxury- it's a necessity, and an ideal way to keep people engaged, texting, tweeting, and snapping away. Ubidock provides brandable charging units that keep attendees engaged and not hugging a wall next to the closest outlet, or locking their phones away in charging lockers, and provide a great sponsorship opportunity for your event. Your guests stay always connected, while never tethered.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 75 million daily users. Our Social Media Walls enable guests at events to hashtag their pictures on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram Video and have them displayed on a live slideshow on screens throughout the event in real time (don't worry, we moderate them all).  Add a photo lounge and on site printing to really enhance the experience.


DoodleSketch takes award winning visual artists and makes them an interactive part of your event. Our talented artists provide guests with a digital doodle of themselves, capturing their true personality, while their friends get to watch as the image takes shape in real time before their eyes and is wirelessly transmitted to a screen. After the image is completed, guests can have the ability to instantly share these branded images across social media platforms, or have it emailed or printed for them on site.


Often we're presented with challenges that our clients just don't know how to solve. Have a crazy idea your team or client came up with, and not sure how to make it a reality? Our team of experience engineers and architects loves creating custom engagements. Call us and let us put together something new and exciting that leaves you relaxed and everyone calling you the hero.