Press Release: The Event Nerd and Ubidock to Provide Wire Free Charging to the Events Industry

Dallas, TX -  Dallas-based event technology production company The Event Nerd, and Ubidock, the premiere provider of wire-free phone charging systems to the hospitality and restaurant markets, have recently announced an exclusive event partnership. This partnership will make The Event Nerd the exclusive domestic events provider of the Ubidock phone charging system, allowing the company to offer this unique solution to events, event planning professionals and venues across the US.

Damany Daniel, Chief Imaginator of The Event Nerd, sees the partnership as the perfect opportunity to provide technology that gives event producers and their clients what they need most during events. “We’re thrilled to be working with Ubidock to offer this brilliant solution to our clients. In the mobile connected world of special events, you see three kinds of people: ‘battery babies’- those with portable batteries they hold onto like bottles and have to remember to charge every night,  ‘wall huggers’- constantly searching for the nearest outlets, and ‘locker jockeys’ who found the one or two charging lockers at the event, but have to remain disconnected from their device as long as it’s charging. Ubidock helps eliminate these problems by providing a wire-free and portable solution to anyone that wants it, when they need it. Losing a phone charge can seriously inhibit productivity, and we’re working with partners like Ubidock to re-enhance that productivity.”

Ubidock was founded by Aaron Florez and Izzy DiChiara, and was developed after the two recognized the unmet need at restaurants and events. “I’d been in too many situations where I had to stand in the corner, with my phone plugged in and charging, just so I could finish whatever I was doing,” says Florez.

The partnership between Ubidock and The Event Nerd will give event professionals and their clients the ability to provide branded, wire-free, portable charging units to their event guests- allowing them to attend and tweet, text, and stay connected all they want, without fretting over how they’ll stay charged.


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About Ubidock

Ubidock is the only product and service that allows businesses to offer wire-free phone charging to their patrons. Ubidock services music venues, restaurants, bars, sporting venues, any convention host, hotel, hospitals and more. More info at